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Adult Bridesmaids Hairstyles: 20 Most Beautiful Ideas Ever!

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Collected or semi-gathered, with braids, buns and more, here are the photos of the hairstyles for the most beautiful adult bridesmaids!

The role of a bridesmaid is important and therefore we cannot leave out the right hairstyle for the wedding of a dear friend or relative who gave us this honor! The bridesmaid hairstyle should always be decided based on the dress but also on the atmosphere of the wedding.


A cascade of curls held by a wreath or hair fastened laterally by a jewel clasp are ideal hairstyles for large bridesmaids. To create a wavy hair and beautiful waves, a curling iron is enough to transform straight hair into soft curls. Alternatively you can choose a full crop decorated with flowers, ideal for day weddings.


If you have very long and thick hair, you can opt for special braids such as the herringbone braid or a simple and soft braid. Another beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle is the Dutch braid also called a raised braid because it is in relief. To find out how to create it quickly and easily follow our tutorial.

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