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Braided Hairstyles 2020

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Do you want to try new hairstyles? We show you quick and easy photos and video tutorials to create many different hairstyles with braids. DIY Hairlook for long, short, straight or curly hair and to show off in everyday life or for ceremonies!

Soft crop with braid
Ponytail with braid
Hairstyle with braid
Braid with side crop and brooch
Seeds collected with braid


A long hair and a thick hair allow you to create all kinds of hairstyles. From the two-strand braid to the Dutch, passing through the ear of wheat. Whether you have straight or curly hair the length will allow you to create super original long hair hairstyles. Here are some ideas!

Herringbone braid
Hairstyles with
Long hair with
Harvest with braid


Who said short hair can’t be styled? The braids are the simplest and most practical solution for those who wear the classic bob cut because it is enough to weave a few side locks in a semi-gathered to obtain a different look than usual. Those who have opted for a lob cut could instead dare with a waterfall braid ending in a side bun. Do you want other ideas? Get inspired by our short and medium hair hairstyles!

Semi-gathered with braids for short hair

Collected with braid for short hair

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