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Curly Hair Cut Man

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Long, short, shaved on the sides or with a tuft. Lots of hairstyle pictures for curly men and tips to manage your hair better!

The curly hair cut for men must be chosen carefully on the basis of the hair type, in order not to distort the curl and at the same time to style it easily.

We show you the best look ideas from which to take inspiration for men’s curly haircuts, considering both the new fashions and the most beautiful and easy to manage cuts

Curly hair cut man
Curly hair man
Curly haircuts boy
Curly man haircuts
Curly haircuts for men


Let’s start with the trends. The latest trends want a natural look: no too structured cuts and a lot of movement. No to hair fixed with hairspray or gel which makes them dry. Go ahead instead for the soft curl. Here are the pictures of men’s cuts for trendy curly hair.

Cuts for male curly hair
Curly haircuts for men
Cuts for male curly hair


The ideal curly cut for men who do not want to worry too much about hair care is the short one. How to style them? Hairstyle is different depending on the type of hair. If the curl is soft, you can create a disheveled central tuft that can be easily modeled with wax or gel. If, on the other hand, we have to manage frizzy curly hair – like afro hair – it is better to opt for the short cut on the sides and a longer but thinner hair in the central part.

Curly hair cut boy
Curly haircuts boy
Short curly hair man
Short curly hair cut for men

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