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Hair With Colored Tips: New Trend!

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Colored hair tips are in fashion! Let’s discover this new trend!

At the end of the 90s the tips of the hair with shocking colors were a real craze and now, after so many, they make their triumphant return among the hair trends of the moment!

The best known trendsetters have already anticipated what will be the real hair fashion for the next season, and even the Hollywood stars have ventured this trend by proudly fluttering their hair with pink, blue, purple and blue tips.


Dakota Fanning and Kate Bosworth were among the first to relaunch the trends of hair tips with shocking colors, Dakota chose a very cheeky pinky pink while Kate a decidedly more eccentric green blue. Then this trend arrived on the heads of many women not in the USA but also in Italy. Below you see several images with examples of hair looks with colored tips for every taste.

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