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Iridescent and holographic shades with soft shades from cold blond, pink to rainbow in the new fashion of Iridescent Hair!

We present the latest fashion in colored hair: iridescent hair! Soft hues in the shades of platinum, pink but also of the rainbow combine in impalpable and iridescent shades! A luminous and holographic effect that easily adapts to any cut!

Let’s discover together the new fashion of iridescent hair with collections, look ideas and hairstyles!

Short iridescent hair
Long iridescent hair


The Class Hair Academy Traveler collection takes inspiration from an inner journey to self-discovery. The color palette, called Aura, is characterized by soft and cold tones made iridescent.

The cold blond colors become multitonal in a mixture of colors that gives the hair an iridescent and impalpable appearance. Thanks to Flow Colors Delight unrepeatable effects are obtained while with Flow Colors Shadows fluid and light shades are created.

The minimal conceptual style of the cuts has a futuristic allure. Medium short iridescent hair is made light and elusive by deep scaling. While the extensions give a “dusty” effect with unstructured locks.

Iridescent hair
Iridescent hair
Iridescent hair


Long iridescent hair shows their iridescent shades with both straight and wavy styling. To further underline the nuances, you can make harvests or semi-harvests with braids or torchon.

Short iridescent hair also helps to enhance the face associated with cuts such as the pixie cut. Finally, a long bob will also benefit from the new fashion especially if associated with soft ringlets.

Short iridescent hair
Short iridescent hair
Iridescent hair look

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