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Long Hair Man Styles 2020

Makale Üstü

Long-haired men have a timeless charm. The long hair frames the face, makes the gaze mysterious and makes the man seductive and intriguing.

But which cut to choose according to your hair type? What are the trendy men’s long cuts? We show you many photos and give you advice on how to choose the perfect look, how to take care of long men’s hair, how to make it grow and how to style it.

Long hair man
Long hair cut man
Long man hair


According to the most famous hair stylists, the long hair this year is in fashion combined with the unkempt beard for a wild bad boy style. The hair must be left natural, moving the hair backwards to leave the forehead free and enhance the look.

Long hair man with unkempt beard
Long man hair cuts
Long hair man


The length of the cut varies by taste and desire to take care of the hair. The most optimal solution, even for men, is a medium long cut, the male bob cut. The choice must be made based on the type of hair (curly, smooth or wavy) and the look you want to achieve. From the most elegant smooth hairstyle with hair combed back, to the wildest hair left natural, through top knot or dreadlocks hairstyles.

Long wavy hair man
Haircuts shaved on the sides and long over man
Long men’s cut

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