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Men Hair Cutting Trends 2020

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Short and nuanced, long, very long and retro-inspired, here are all the trends for men’s hair cuts 2020 not to be missed!

Messy and natural looks, shaved hair with modern mood designs and retro-inspired haircuts, the 2020 men’s haircuts trends reward lively contrasts and original touches. We show you the images of trendy men’s cuts 2020 proposed by international hairstylists and the most important Italian hairdressers, many ideas to copy and from which to take inspiration to have a trendy and fashionable look!

I cut curly hair shaved on the sides
Short hair cut with tuft
Faded hair on the sides with a tuft
Man cut short hair with forelock

What do the current trends in men’s haircuts 2020 prescribe? The new men’s haircuts seen on the catwalks and offered by the best hairdressers at international level reward fake haircuts that are actually very well cared for, geometric cuts, important shaves and asymmetries that give character to the look. Let’s take a look together with the most beautiful cuts for men to show off in 2020!

Short hair with forelock – Hairstylist: Yolanda Aberasturi
Short cut ideas for men
Short hair faded on the sides – Hairstylist: Saint Algue
Wavy hair shaved on the sides
Man cut short hair with forelock


Among the most popular 2020 men’s short cuts we find looks that are messy only in appearance, with a preference for a natural but refined look. The very short cuts are enlivened by a very accentuated side shave, while the short men’s haircuts with a strictly drawn back tuft alternate with those with original short bangs, the Saint Algue proposal for the man who loves a jaunty look with retro accents.

Short hair with bangs – Hairstylist: Saint Algue
Short hair with side forelock
Short hair with shaves on the sides
Short hair cut with tuft

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