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Men’s Hair Cuts Winter 2020

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Vivid volumes, natural shades, not too defined scales and important lengths characterize the most interesting winter 2020 men’s haircuts. We offer you many images of trendy haircuts for the cold season, ideas for gritty and fashionable looks and suggestions from international hairstylists to take inspiration from!


Very short haircuts are banned, in terms of winter 2020 men’s haircuts the tips get longer and the volumes become more natural. Great return for the wet look for straight hair, while more versatile and playful cuts are proposed for wavy and curly hair, with a preference for “messy” hairstyles that are pretended to be uncombed. Focus on the tuft, long and rebellious, combined with never too extreme shaves.

Men’s hair cut shaved on the sides and forelock – Hairstylist: Fabio Salsa
Short men’s cuts with trendy forelock
Man cut with side shaved hair and parting
Taglio corto uomo regolare con riga da parte
Short men’s haircut idea


The short haircuts below and long above is one of the hottest trends of the moment, as Fabio Salsa also confirms! in terms of men’s short haircuts, the long forelock, with side or back row, is one of the most popular trends on the catwalk too. While for those who love very short cuts even in the cold, Laurent Decreton Instinct Menschenimsalon offers short men’s cuts with medium shave and strictly short beard. Short haircut lovers? Discover all the trendy men’s short haircuts this year in our mega collection!

Ideas short haircuts for men, straight and wavy hair
Short male cut for straight hair

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