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Short Haircuts Spring Summer 2020: Trends

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Very scaled pixie cuts, retro-inspired haircuts or more modern and extravagant, here are all the trends for short hair cuts spring summer 2020!

Faded pixie cuts, asymmetrical, lateral or very scaled haircuts, the 2020 short haircuts trends are becoming more and more eccentric and original! The messy look is the heart of all the trends for haircuts dedicated to the hot season, accompanied by unexpected details regarding the cut of the tuft and the fringe. Curious to find out what are the trends for the most particular spring summer 2020 short haircuts? Here are the pictures of the proposals of the international hairstylists and the most famous Italian hairdressers to inspire!

Short scaled hair
I cut very short hair
Short hair scaled with tuft
Short scaled hair
Short scaled hair cut
Short marched hair cut
Short cut hair


Scaling has a prominent place in the haircuts for the summer. Among the most interesting scaled short cuts 2020 we find those with marched and shaded hair by Jean Louis David, long behind and very short above, for a more lively 80s look. Ideal for those with fine hair, the short scaled haircuts create volume and movement in the hair, allowing us to create cheeky hairstyles without too much effort. The long tuft gives dimension to the looks of Fabio Salsa and Vivienne Mackinder, cuts halfway between the pixies and the bob cuts perfect to streamline the lines of a round face. For those who prefer a more modern style there are the disheveled scaled haircuts proposed by Andrew Smith and Gonzalo Zarauza.

Short hair climbed with fringe
Short scaled hair cut
Short scaled hair cut
Very short cut marched

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