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Women’s Haircuts Top Trends 2020

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From short, medium and long haircuts to curly, wavy or straight hair, here are all the spring summer 2020 haircut trends!

What are the new haircuts trends 2020? From pixie cut mannish style to more bob and long bob enlivened by tufts and French fringe, to long hair on par with a central line in the 90s style, the Spring Summer 2020 haircuts trends reward vintage echoes mixed with ultra modern touches . Let’s find out together the images of the looks presented by international hairstylists and Italian hairdressers, from cuts to hairstyles and trendy colors!

Trendy short hair
Medium haircuts
Long wavy hair
Short hair very unthreaded


Retro touches alternating with modern and unconventional looks, the most interesting women’s 2020 haircuts reward experimentation and a careful eye to the inspirations from the past. We see the return of even cuts and the middle row in the scaled and paraded haircuts. The trend of asymmetrical and irregular looks arrives where color is the main protagonist. The punk style of the most dramatic cuts and the creases to give volume to wavy hair is surprising. The new fashions for the hot season are terrific! Let’s take a look together with the photos of the most beautiful and original 2020 spring summer haircuts!

Long wavy hair with forelock
Medium long wavy hair
Short scaled cut with tuft
Medium length hair with forelock


What do seasonal trends prescribe for women’s 2020 short cuts? Lovers of very short haircuts à la garçonne? The classic pixie cut is back to conquer the scene, one of the most loved short hair cuts, combed backwards with scaled hair as in Fabio Salsa’s proposal or with short French fringe as per Intermede. Among the most particular spring 2020 haircuts we find those with a long tuft combed on the side, a feminine cut that enhances the eyes and features, and the very scaled cut proposed by Gonzalo Zarauza. There are many beautiful cuts that are pretended to be disheveled with a youthful mood and are easy to hold. Have you loved these looks? Discover all the most beautiful spring summer short haircuts in our in-depth analysis!

Short hair paraded
Short hair scaled with tuft
Short hair with forelock
Short hair scaled with tuft
Short disheveled cut with fringe


Among the 2020 scaled haircuts for girls and mature women, the haircuts with the most evident contrasts stand out, cut parades with important scaling above and behind, with short tufts that help to minimize the shape of the round and rectangular face. The trends in summer 2020 haircuts prescribe a messy and fresh look, as we can see from the cuts from the 80s echoes of Jean Louis David, but there are cuts with more discreet scaling for those who love a more romantic style. Discover all the most beautiful scaled haircuts in our rich gallery on the topic!

Long scaled hair
Medium length hair very scaled
Short hair with a scaled cut
Very scaled short hair

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